Tim Cook stalked by an Indian-origin man

Based on stories, the guy, called Rakesh”Rocky” Sharma, taking a jar of smoke and flowers revealed up in Cook’s residence.  He came back ringing the door bell and getting into the gate of the property with no consent.

Even the manufacturer was shown at his own house at Palo Alto and was given a restraining order.
In a second troubling event, Sharma entered prepare’s property via a closed gate without any consent around 10:30 p.m. on December 4 at a bid to send the blossoms and fauna, ” a filing mentioned.
“Soon afterwards, Sharma ongoing to label the Apple govt to his own Twitter accounts, which comprised sexualised and improper pics of Mr. Sharma with regard to this Apple govt,” it also said.
Apple has the temporary restraining order towards Sharma, that goes on the title”Rocky” with way of a California court.He was arranged to keep a way from Cook’s house in Silicon Valleyand also the CEO’s about a few protection guards in addition to this organization’s Apple Park headquarters.

The arrangement continues through March 3, as soon as there has been a hearing scheduled,” the report included.  As stated by the court filings, a guy called Rakesh Sharma has made risks towards Apple along with Cook, for example sending voice mails that were upsetting.

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